Headlines made today that "Cheap stab vests that offer "no proctection" over the years many people have told me that they have purchased a stab vest from another supplier cheaper, my first reaction is to ask how much did you pay?  In 99% of the cases it is cheaper than we can buy the raw materials, I can only conclude that the materials are either not fit for purpose or secondhand materials there may have had exposure to UV light and moisture rendering the protective material useless. Needless to say that these Sellers can offer no test certificates these are the cowboy builders of the body Armour business if you feel that budget alone is swaying your decision to buy cheaper or secondhand body Armour try asking a reputable supplier if they have any ex display models that they can sell, as we do many trade shows throughout the year we often have Bodyarmour that is nearly new and has just gotten a little dusty during the exhibition, and we would only be too happy to sell these fully approved units of body Armour at a discount. As my mother used to say if you don't ask you don't get

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